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WikiOico is a digital collection of knowledge about sustainability related subjects.
For the calculation of the hidden costs of prevention of ecological or social damage, the Oiconomy standard uses a database of preventive costs for the fundamental sustainability issues.

In addition to general knowledge on sustainability related issues, this WikiOico will contain the underpinning information on the data in the Oiconimy database.

Articles for Wikioico must comply to the following rules:

  1. Articles need to be scientifically underpinned and written by qualified people.
  2. They describe:
    1. A justification or underpinning of a criterion of the Oiconomy Standard.
    2. A combination of a product and/or organization, a location and a sustainability issue.
    3. General information on a sustainability issue.
    4. Information on environment, ecology or social issues, economical and financial issues, countries or earth, but only related to the Oiconomy standard or sustainability issues.
    5. Other standards, certification systems, verification systems, measuring systems or accreditation sytems, related to sustainability.

If you would like to contribute please contact Oiconomy


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