tankWar, corruption and crime are great dangers to sustainability, development of countries and to certification because trust is lacking and  “certification = granting of trust”.
Unfortunately often an organization cannot influence situations of war, corruption and crime which occur in the area and therefore seem to be punished by an allocation of ESCU’s by the Oiconomy Standard unrightfully. This standard however adheres the opinion that increased pressure stimulates governments in a positive way. In addition the number one requirement of this standard: “transparency” probably is not in good order in situations of conflict or corruption.
Sudden changes in the economy in a country or area result into an increased risk of conflicts.
This standard will allocate ESCU’s to both sides of these negative influences:

1. Where the activities of an organization may contribute to situations of conflict violence or corruption.

2. Where the transparency and reliability of the organization and its communication cannot be solidly determined by the presence of situations of conflict or corruption.

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