Damage biodiversity

biodiversityMankind is damaging nature and biodiversity in endless ways and with increasing speed.
Apart from pollution, we cause massive erosion, we build cities, bituminize ever more, disrupt sea floors and corals, burn forests, desertify large area’s, make land and sea radio active, produce new organisms or transport foreign species that may overtake local nature, etc.
Unfortunately we insufficiently understand the mechanisms and effects of our pressure on nature to assess the consequences.  Consequences may be dramatic and come abrupt any moment. What if suddenly plankton growth drops, ultimately the source of all marine life and much of our food supply? What if hurricanes, droughts, floods and the climate suddenly destroy too much of the harvest? What if suddenly a very contagious organism gets super antibiotics resistant? What if the Gulf stream stops or El Nino dramatically changes behaviour?

The Oiconomy Standard will list all global major man made causes of damaging nature and biodiversity and determine typical preventive costs for each cause.

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