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Oiconomy Foundation
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The Oiconomy Foundation is a non for profit organization, founded at 19-07-2011.
Its board members are all volunteers and not payed.

Its goal is to develop systems for a sustainable economy. The current economy is not sustainable. Issues like climate change, poverty, inequality, resource depletion, corruption and violence, land degradation and overfishing are serious threats to mankind.
The founders of the Oiconomy Foundation believe that an important cause is that nature and necessitous men are exploited. Products have hidden costs or “externalities”, the damage caused by a product’s life cycle, not paid by the causer. If all externalities would be internalized the free market would automatically lead to a sustainable economy, or “Oiconomy”. Unknown however is the magnitude of these hidden product costs and therefore first step towards a sustainable economy is an objective system for their measurement.
In the years 2008 to 2010 Pim Croes developed the “Oiconomy Standard”, which presents a model for a standardized way  to calculate the costs of prevention for every possible ecological and social damage that a product causes during its total life cycle. One could call this a new type of life cycle assessment (LCA), by which the hidden preventive costs are calculated and transfered through the supply chain in a similar way as standard economical costs.
In 2012 Pim Croes started a PhD at the university of Utrecht project in order to further develop the system and fill the database based on the marginal preventive costs for all sustainability issues. First papers will be published in 2014. Thereafter the plan is to raise funds and to organize a conference in order to involve more scientists and other stakeholders.
The Foundation will also develop modern systems of verification and certification of this very broad subject of sustainability.

The foundation is financed by gifts and subsidies only.