Oiconomy contributions

Our idea is to develop a sustainable economy with your help. Our first goal is to create an exact and objective method of calculation the hidden part of the real prices of products. The Oiconomy Standard, the first version of a standardized method to determine these hidden costs, or Eco Social Cost Units (ESCU), is already available.
But a great deal of work is in progress or needs to be done, for instance:

  • In our definition the hidden costs are the preventive costs, needed to prevent ecological or social damage on any sustainability aspect. Various preventive costs need scientific determination.
  • Some fundamental economical, social and ecological issues need scientific underpinning.
  • The Oiconomy Standard may be used for certification.
    Systems of certification are always based on a scheme of audits on a standard.
    In common systems usually one company is audited on one or few aspects.
    Verification of sustainability is far more complex. Many issues are considered and not only one company, but the complete supply chain involved in the life cycle of the product must be asessed. To simplify and facilitate this work, we need:

    • To provide the pre-calculated ESCU’s for the most important raw materials.
    • To create a system of risk based verification, a system of limitation of verification based on the risks. To achieve this we need a “hot spot” database, a database that gives information where on any aspect of sustainability we may expect issues and where these are unlikely.

Your contribution is invaluable; please help us to create a sustainable economy.
You can contribute in the following ways:

  • A financial contribution on the bank account of the Oiconomy Foundation at the Triodos Bank, nr.
  • NGO cooperations. We would like to cooperate with other NGO’s on issues and to share and improve our views.
  • Scientific contributions. We are looking for more universities and other scientific institutes to contribute. Also qualified private persons, willing to provide scientific contributions on a voluntary base, are very welcome to contact us.
  • Wiki contributions. All data used by the Oiconomy Standard and required to determine hidden costs of products will be based on scientific research. Full reports will be published on this website and extracts will be published in our Oiconomy Wiki.
    The Oiconomy Wiki distinguishes itself from other wiki’s by limiting itself to eco-social sustainability subjects and by keeping a structure of always presenting a combination of issue, location, product and or organization.
  • Company contributions. We are looking for companies, especially involved in raw materials at the source of most supply chains, willing to create and share information on costs of prevention of sustainability issues.
    Of course we also welcome companies to financially support our work.
  • Public contributions. We need the help of everybody to create our hotspot database.
    It is our intention to develop a system for this purpose in a later stage.

If you wish to contribute in either of the described ways, please contact Oiconomy.